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We work with a wide variety of specialty healthcare service providers, from large-scale hospitals to smaller specialty providers. Whether it's a blizzard, thunderstorm, power outage, or sinkhole, hospitals and healthcare providers must be able to access their sites safely and provide care to their patients.

Our site performance owners are committed to creating world-class partnerships with our clients. We take tremendous pride in solving problems, providing 24/7 support, and keeping each property functional and beautiful.

On-Site Support

We provide personalized, on-site service across any property or facility type, regardless of season, use case, or service type.

Personal Touch

Every relationship is unique, and our team works side by side with our clients to ensure every unique need is met.

Site Performance

Each individual site gets the attention and care needed to maximize safety, effectiveness, and curb appeal.

Flex and Adapt

We've seen it all, done it all, and fixed it all. Our experience ensures your peace of mind.

Our service offerings.

We create trusted partnerships with our clients in order to provide world-class service.
Our primary goal is safe and attractive facilities. Our landscaping package ensures maximum curb appeal with year-round green while our seasonal snow removal ensures our partner's facilities are always safe, available, and accessible.

Our breadth of experience also allows us to service any of our strategic partner's property needs. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of client needs and ensuring we exhaust every avenue when investigating and solving problems. While we primarily focus on landscaping and snow removal, our service offerings include, but are not limited to:

Featured Case Study

Holladay Tyler Road

Caliber was approached by the property manager and owner to perform a comprehensive site assessment after a previous tenant discovered a leak in this large industrial property. Caliber created a complete record of events to uncover the cause of the leak and provide a permanent solution, restoring high-level performance to the site.

After previous assessments and investigations failed to uncover the root cause of the leak, Caliber recreated the full timeline of the structure from historical photographs and reviewing tenant data. After extensive dye testing, video line testing, and water sampling that uncovered a unique type of bacteria in the water, it was determined that a leak from a bad pipe fitting embedded 15 feet deep into a wall was the root cause. By taking the extra steps, testing comprehensively, and utilizing our extensive experience, Caliber was able to provide a solution to a problem previously thought unsolvable and restore the property to full productivity.
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Featured Team Member

Nicholas Neeser

Account Director

Nick Neeser is one of Caliber's primary account coordinators, working side by side with our partners every day. His knowledge and experience provide our customers with consistent satisfaction through quality service, ensuring we go above and beyond to manage every aspect of our client's property needs. Nick embodies our dedication to creating solutions specifically tailored for our clients and helps facilitate our strategies across his client portfolio.

Nick is a graduate of Penn State University, with additional software programming coursework taken at MIT. He currently lives in Philadelphia and enjoys snowboarding.
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