Flexible solutions for any space.

The diversity and breadth of the retail space creates a unique set of challenges for property managers, depending on size, location, and season. Because we work directly with our clients, creating a personalized management strategy, our high level of service ensures that every location is serviced properly, regardless of the unique challenges it may bring.

Our site performance owners are available to consult and partner on any potential issue, while simultaneously creating a consistently high level of maintenance and service. Each site in a portfolio of properties will always operate at the highest level of curb appeal, safety, and functionality.

On-Site Support

We provide personalized, on-site service across any property or facility type, regardless of season, use case, or service type.

Personal Touch

Every relationship is unique, and our team works side by side with our clients to ensure every unique need is met.

Site Performance

Each individual site gets the attention and care needed to maximize safety, effectiveness, and curb appeal.

Flex and Adapt

We've seen it all, done it all, and fixed it all. Our experience ensures your peace of mind.

Our service offerings.

We create trusted partnerships with our clients in order to provide world-class service.
Our primary goal is safe and attractive facilities. Our landscaping package ensures maximum curb appeal with year-round green while our seasonal snow removal ensures our partner's facilities are always safe, available, and accessible.

Our breadth of experience also allows us to service any of our strategic partner's property needs. We pride ourselves on our deep understanding of client needs and ensuring we exhaust every avenue when investigating and solving problems. While we primarily focus on landscaping and snow removal, our service offerings include, but are not limited to:

Featured Case Study

National Retailer

One of Caliber's largest and most successful working relationships has been with a well known national big box retailer. The growth of the strategic partnership between Caliber and this client is an excellent example of how our unique offering and exceptional work quality lead to deep integrations between Caliber and the companies that we provide service for. More often than not, Caliber is the only managed services provider willing and able to address emergency conditions and solve critical issues, leading to a long-term, successful collaboration.

Once Caliber begins a service partnership with a client, and demonstrates the high level of quality and customer attention that is typical of our partnerships, the relationship always grows to include the full breadth and width of our services, across an entire facility portfolio. Our continued successful partnership described here is no different.
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Featured Team Member

Brian Pommerer

Project Manager - Operations

Brian Pommerer is one of Caliber's experienced project managers in our Operations division, primarily responsible for Asphalt Services. Brian works side by side with our service partners every day, ensuring that our clients and their facilities receive the highest possible level of service and expertise. Brian has more than 5 years of high level management experience, specifically responsible for P&L, operational planning, inventory management, account management and client relations.

Brian graduated from Duquense University, where he was a member of the football team, with a Bachelor's Degree in Corporate Communications and minor in Sociology.
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